Shabar Mantras are highly powerful and bring the results very soon. It is believed that these mantras are basically written by Guru Ratnagiri Ji and other navnath chaurasi siddh. These mantras are generally found in rural Indian languages. Though we find shabar mantras not only in Hinduism but also in Islam and other religions as well, but it is said that at first, they are written by Guru Ratnagiri Ji.


A shabar mantra is quite different from a classical or Vedic mantra. One needs to attain siddhi to use a Vedic mantra but it is nothing like this in case of a shabar mantra. Shabar mantras as auto-energized and can be used even by a common man easily to bring his wishes true. In fact, shabar mantra makes its deity to come and do the work immediately. Swear of gurus, prophets, gods and goddesses or his parents etc. are given in these mantras which brings his repo in question and makes him to complete the task which his shabar mantra is being chanted for.

Shabar mantra in Hindi: प्रमूख: शाबर मंत्र अपने आप सिद्ध होते है, इन मंत्रों का बस थोड़ा सा 

                       जप करना पड़ता है।  ओर ये बहोत ज्यादा प्रभाव दिखते है। इन मंत्रों 

                         का प्रभाव स्थायी होता है ओर किसी भी मंत्र से इनकी काट संभव नहीं

                         है ओर ये कितना भी शक्तिशाली मंत्र हो उसको आराम  से काट सकते है। 


Shabar mantras are used for all shat-karmas i.e. shantikaran, vashikaran, uchatan, videshan, stambhan and maran. These mantras are also used for protection against spells, nazar dosh, ailments, evil spirits etc. Shabar Manras are amazing and powerful enough to give you the favorable outcomes. These mantras should be used as they are. Do not make any changes. Follow orders or directions given by Guru Ji and bring your all dreams come true. Lead a happy life and enjoy the world. Enjoy the nature. Get success and be successful forever.

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